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Export Add On

We have developed an Add On feature to DogBase that lets you Export Data to the file format used by most other handicapping software today. This new feature lets those of you who want to use other programs to do so, while still getting the advantages of DogBase. We don't feel the use of other programs is necessary. But if you want to use another program, this allows you to do it with minimal cost for data. This continues our commitment to providing you the best Handicapping tools available.


Windows 3.1, 3.11 & Windows 95,98,Me

Import Data for free from Internet (if available)

Saves the cost of buying programs at the track

Print Local and Simulcast programs in advance, no more waiting until you get to the track

Database Files - Import to external Report writers to create your own Reports

Handles Multiple Tracks

Handles 9 Dog Races

Handles Scratches

Marks Program for Trouble Lines

Prints Dog Running Style on Program

Prints up to 15+ Lines per dog

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Configurable Handicapping System

Computes Track Variant & Adjusted Times

Automatically calculates wager costs

Test different betting styles over past performances with our Wager Program

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements

Windows 3.1 or greater
80486 processor
VGA or higher resolution monitor
10 MG hard disk space + 4MG per month per track
Internet access or BBS software
Windows capable printer


Pentium 400 MHz processor and higher
Inkjet or Laser printer (color preferred)
56kbs Modem and higher
Tape Backup

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