Program Page
Program Lines for Dog

How to read the Program Page

The fields in the Top Section are as follows:

1st Row = Box Number, Dog’s Name, Running Style, Gain Value, Power Value-Power Rank and the Class Value.

2nd Row = Kennel Name, Color, Whelp Date, Sire-Bitch and Summary of the record of the dog’s lines.

The fields in the Middle Section (Lines) are as follows.

Performance, Race Number, Ticks (100ths of a second) the track was slow(+black) or fast(-red), Adjusted winning time, Dog’s weight, Box, Break, 1st call, 2nd call, Finish, Lengths, Adjusted Time, Grade, Odds, Odds Rank, Comment and other finishers with their box numbers.

Note: On color printers, lines in lower grades than the current grade of the race are printed in black. Lines at the current grade are printed in Red. Lines at a higher grade are printed in blue. Schooling Races are also printed in black.

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