19. Troubleshooting
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Problem: DogBase won't come up after I enter my License Name and Number.

Answer: Make sure you Enter the License info exactly as given to you by DogBase. If you have a demo make sure you entered the date in the license name. Also make sure you leave the Export Add On line blank unless it was specifically given to you by DogBase.

See 6. Registering Your Copy of DogBase

Problem: DogBase won't Import Data at all.

Answer: DogBase looks for files in each format to have a specific name. Make sure the files you've downloaded are named correctly for their format. Also make sure the files you downloaded were put into the correct directory. The directory should be the one specified in 'the Import Directory in the track option on the data menu.

Another possible answer is the files were not saved correctly. Thereby making the files unrecognizable to DogBase. Try saving the file with the different Save As Type options on your web browser.

See 7. Downloading Data for DogBase

Problem: DogBase won't import results for a specific day or performance.

Answer: This usually has one of two causes. The first is that a entry file from another service is in your import directory. This file is found first and imported, the other file is ignored. What must be done is to delete the first file with just entries for the performance in question, then import that day again. The second is that the file was not downloaded correctly and or not recognized.

See 7. Downloading Data for DogBase

Problem: The fonts in DogBase come up looking funny.

Answer: The files statement in your 'config.sys' file is set to low. Set the files statement to at least files=120. What has happened is the limit of files for you computer has been reached and it can't open the font file. It then defaults back to another font it already has open.

This has also happened when a person moves DogBase from one computer to another. The new computer doesn't have the fonts that were put in when DogBase was installed. Copy the fonts from the other computer or Click here to Download the Fonts used in DogBase and install them in your control panel.

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