8. Setting up to Import Data

Before you can start importing data into DogBase, you must first setup the track and course file. This is accomplished by selecting the Data menu and clicking the Track option.

This will bring up the Track screen.

Now you need to find the track you want to import data for. You do this by pressing the Search button. After you press the button the following screen will be displayed.

Scroll up or down to find your track. Use your left mouse button to select the track and the right mouse button to return to Track screen. On the track screen check the active checkbox to activate the track. Also make sure the Download Directory field is filled in with the path to the directory you downloaded your import files into. The default is '\dogbase\download\'. Now that we have filled out the required fields for the track, we need make sure the courses for the track are setup. Now click the course button on the Track screen.

For most tracks the courses will already be setup. You can check this by pressing the search button or by scrolling through the courses with the navigation buttons on the side of the screen. If however the courses are not setup. Click the Add button to bring up the following screen.

Enter the course that would normally be printed in the program/racing form. Press the Accept button to add the course. Now you can fill out the Course Name, Record and Distance if you wish. Repeat the above for each course at the track.

Now that you have activated the track and setup the courses you are ready for the next chapter.

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